Rebecca A. Demarest

Seattle, WA, USA
Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction,

Contact Information

About Rebecca A. Demarest

Rebecca is an award-winning author, book designer, coach, and writing instructor practiced at working with adults and kids, including in a homeschool environment. Her primary areas of expertise revolves around speculative fiction, with practice in theater, historical fiction, mystery writing, and game writing. She enjoys individual coaching, manuscript evaluation, and teaching workshops and classes for a wide range of topics for adults and kids and has worked as an instructor and course designer with organizations such as the Bureau of Fearless Ideas in Seattle, Clarion West, DigiPen, and the Museum of Popular Culture.

What I've done

  • Novels: Less Than Charming, Undeliverable.
  • Novellas: The Ozite Cycle, Wavefall, Pit Stop.
  • Theater: The Seattle Play Series, Mneme Press.

Who I work with

I love working with folks new to writing and helping them find their way into their stories, as well as working with veterans of the craft helping them work through blockages or keeping them motivated and on task. I am happy working with anyone over 10 on an individual or group basis, and any age in a group, so long as they can put words on the page. I am best working with folks in the planning stage or content editing phase of their writing, though I don’t enjoy the copy-editing step or hunting down small errors in the manuscript.


  • Writing coaching
  • Individual instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Homeschool instruction on a wide range from fiction writing to standard essay writing
  • Supplementary classroom support
  • Book design
  • Anthology collection and publication
  • Independent publishing coaching