Ansley Moon

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Contact Information

About Ansley Moon

Ansley Moon is an educator, poet and adoptee who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of the poetry collection, How to Bury the Dead (Black Coffee Press, 2011), and she has received awards and fellowships from Kundiman and Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, among others. She is working on her most recent collection of poetry, Girl Country. This collection has been a finalist for the Pleiades Press Poetry Prize, the Slope Editions Poetry, and more. She also serves as a Curriculum Consultant for the Academy of American Poets.

What I've done

I am a poet and educator with over 15 years of experience. I enjoy working with writers and educators at all stages of their writing process. I am passionate about helping writers, especially BIPOC writers, craft artist statements, apply for grants, and strengthen their writing.

Who I work with

All demographics


  • Workshops for educators and students of all agesĀ 
  • Judge for literary awards
  • Grant applications & artist statementsĀ 
  • Education consulting
  • English Tutoring
  • College Application Process
  • Artist Residency Application Process